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Woman wears wedding dress to make her employees smile during conference call

Marybeth Campbell, from Massachusetts, U.S., runs a non-profit organisation and has closed down her office since the coronavirus outbreak.

She now runs her company by email and phone as most of her staff work from home due to health and safety measures.

Wanting to cheer her senior team up on their morning Zoom call, Marybeth decided to surprise them by wearing her wedding dress.

Her whole team loved it and now they are brightening up those work from home days by having different dress up themes.

Speaking about her dress-themed conference calls, Marybeth said: ‘Because of COVID19 we’ve had to close our office to the public and run most all of our programs remotely by phone or email and now most of my staff work from home for their health and safety.

‘My senior team and I have a daily morning huddle on Zoom to check in on client supports and operations. I’ve been in the office most days but my staff is trying hard to work at home.

‘I thought wearing my wedding dress would help break the monotony and make them laugh at little.’

Themes since then have included beach, your favourite holiday and Christmas day.

She added: ‘I was creating a moment of levity for a small set of my senior staff, but most of my staff are frontline workers working hard to help really vulnerable people.

‘I wouldn’t want them to think the senior team wasn’t taking the situation seriously, because of course we are but needed a little break from the intensity of what is occurring.’